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Best College Fit ®

Best College Fit® produces student-centered college orientation programming, featuring Peter Van Buskirk, that reaches tens of thousands of students, parents and educators annually in the USA and abroad.

BCF equips families to make healthy, productive choices as they plan for college through a variety of high-energy, live programs and workshops for schools, social service organizations and corporations.

"I like that you choose to honor and value every child and every college dream. Thank you for being a role model for our profession and a mentor for me!"
– Moira McKinnon, Berwick Academy

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The College Planning Blog Has Moved!

Blog articles by and webinar interviews with Peter Van Buskirk can be found at

Upcoming Events

2:00 PM
"New Normals"
Sponsored by SCOIR for Secondary School Counselors(virtual)
2:00 PM
"Five Elements of the Best College Fit"
Friday Forum with Cindy McDonald(virtual)
7:00 PM
"The Admission Game"
Sponsored by Revolution Prep (virtual)
10:00 PM
"The Admission Game"
Sponsored by Revolution Prep (virtual)
6:00 PM
"The Admission Game"
Monarch High School(virtual)
Louisville, CO